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Lauren & Kurtis Hornung are our newest franchisees in Texas!

When the Hornung’s lived in Las Vegas, TMAD was their favorite place to eat after their workouts. They have been hooked on the concept ever since! After moving to Texas, they quickly discovered there was no place like TMAD.

Lauren’s experience includes being a Nuclear Pharmacy Supervisor and Kurtis’ experience is in the Military. Both Lauren and Kurtis enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle, making TMAD a perfect fit for them.

Teriyaki Madness stood out because of the culture and the personable team. They both love the food, the Spicy Chicken to be exact, and they both want to bring something new to their community in Pearland, Texas.

The Hornung’s have worked directly with Alison Satriana who oversees TMAD’s Finance Program. She helps candidates, like Lauren and Kurtis, move through the process to get financing for their new business.

The Hornung’s goal is to be heavily involved in the community, have a financial gain, and provide people with a fun work environment. They plan to open their first shop in Pearland, Texas with a long term goal of opening 3 to 4 locations.

Lauren and Kurtis are excited to bring the Madness to Pearland, Texas!

Welcome to the Madness

Lauren & Kurtis!

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