Chains Have Found That Creating Unique Locations is the Key to Restaurant Success.

Restaurant chains across the country have discovered that each location should be unique and localized in order to achieve restaurant success.

The importance in making each location unique is that it creates a sense of community within the area. This allows customers to come in and stay because they feel at home in their particular store.

Each company incorporates the local atmosphere in different ways. Most keep their fundamental look the same but accessorize each store differently. They use the history and local artwork of the area to decorate and create unique, individualized stores for each location. Although, for some brands it is extremely important that they keep certain aspects of their locations the same such such as color pallet, bathroom materials, and interior finishes.

Teriyaki Madness, a Denver based fast-casual restaurant understands the importance of creating localized stores and is working to break the franchising mold. The Asian chain currently has 39 stores with 117 new stores in development and each one plans to be unique. The CEO of Teriyaki Madness, Michael Haith, is not concerned with keeping aspects of the stores similar, he encourages each franchisee “to put a little madness in there.” Haith believes that when owners create their own stores they enjoy working in the business more and take pride and ownership in what they have created.

Also, not worrying about keeping aspects the same allows for each store to look completely different. “Not having that scripted decor makes a more comfortable environment,” Haith says. “There’s some warmth in each one because there’s been love and attention poured into it. It’s very hard for a franchise owner to pour their heart and soul into a fluorescent-lit box versus something warm that they feel good about. If there isn’t that soul, there’s nothing for the community to latch on to. It’s about connection. We want the community to want to support this restaurant.”

For more tips on how to make your restaurant look like local, even when it’s not, check out the full article here.

If you are looking to own your own unique and localized business please follow this link to learn more about Teriyaki Madness franchise opportunities!

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