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    Our woks have been flaming for the past 20+ years, cooking up delicious teriyaki served with a side of success.

    If you’re interested in the Fast Casual Industry, you probably already know that it’s a $52 billion economic powerhouse that keeps on growing. What you might not have known is that Asian food is one of the fastest growing categories in the industry – at nearly 500% since 1999. It isn’t a secret that the American consumer loves ethnic flavors, and our Japanese food franchise has benefited greatly.

    Thanks to our knack for creating delicious ethnic fare, Teriyaki Madness has expanded exponentially. While our recipes definitely are the star of the show, it has been our hardworking Franchise Owners that had the determination to bring us to the top.

    One of the number one defining characteristics they all bring to the table is leadership. Want to join the ranks? See if your skills match up to those of our team leaders:

    Strong Vision

    Teriyaki Madness was born out of a love for fresh, authentic teriyaki. Our vision of bringing consumers across the nation the same feeling we get when eating this medley of flavors is what has driven our success. We like to partner with entrepreneurs that understand this vision and can add their own perspective of success to it.


    Clear Communication

    As a Teriyaki Madness Franchise Owner, you’ll be face to face with customers, your employees and the corporate team. Be honest, communicate clearly and laugh a little!


    While we’ve built incredible success, it came with lots of hard work. Ups and downs are common place in the business world, so we expect our Franchise Owners to have the resilience needed to survive.

    Business Acumen

    In order to lead a strong franchise, you’ve got to be business savvy. Organization, quick thinking, and the ability to see things in a bigger picture will help you keep operations running smoothly.


    Are you passionate about teriyaki, noodles and crab rangoons? Are you motivated by making money? You’ll fit right in with our Japanese food franchise.


    We take teriyaki really seriously, and we expect our team to understand the importance of maintaining the status quo of delicious food and happy customers. With that said, we also like to have fun. As part of the Teriyaki Madness family, you’ll connect and network with other colleagues and the corporate office. We hope you can hang!

    Leading the Way with our Japanese Food Franchise

    If the above skills are a pretty good definition of what you bring to the table, we consider you a valuable entrepreneur. Wondering what’s in store for you if you take the lead with your very own Teriyaki Madness location?

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