Tennessee Hot Chicken? Screw that! How About Tennessee Teriyaki Chicken?

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We have a new franchisee and he is bringing a Japanese Restaurant Franchise to Cleveland, Tennessee!

About Our Franchisee

Our new TMAD franchisee is an extremely successful business man. He owns a rental company and has experience as a manufacturing co-owner.

His hobbies include working hard on his businesses and spending time with his two dogs.

He is bringing on two partners to work in the business who work for a large restaurant corporation but have always dreamed of owning their own business.

Our franchisee originally found TMAD through the Teriyaki Madness franchise website and loved the fast casual concept, simple menu, and the profitability. He and his partners were hooked on the concept after trying the TMAD flavors!

Our franchisee and his partners plan on opening three Teriyaki Shops in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee with their first shop being in Cleveland, Tennessee!

Spreading the Madness in:

Cleveland, Tennessee!

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