Healthy Food Franchise: What Customers Are Looking For

Thinking about starting a healthy food franchise? Here’s what’s driving consumer demand and the health-conscious consumer statistics you need to succeed.

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There’s definitely a difference between health food and healthy food from a restaurant’s standpoint. While the former evokes thoughts of some less-than-appetizing options for the average diner, the latter can include a range of options for an increasingly health-conscious dining public who are still on the hunt for flavorful and satisfying meal options. Health activists, people with dietary restrictions, and omnivores can all appreciate a healthy food franchise’s ability to offer fare that is simultaneously fresh, delicious, and mindful of nutrition.


According to some recent studies, Americans of all ages are trying to eat healthy and stay fit, now more than ever. A Consumer Food and Beverage survey found 93% of those polled feel compelled to eat healthy at least some of the time, while 63% said they try to eat healthy most, if not all, of the time, and 64% consider healthfulness an important influencing factor when buying food and beverages. Studies also find that millennials appear to be the most health-conscious generation when it comes to dining habits. According to an article from Business Insider, American millennials are gradually abandoning junk food, preferring to consume food that is “fresh, less processed, and with fewer artificial ingredients.” As a generation that has been shown to dine out more than any other, restauranteurs are paying attention to millennials’ desire to enjoy healthier, more convenient food.


Diners continue to adopt heavily plant-based diets, both at home and when they go out to eat. While some of this is for health-related reasons, it has also been proven that animal agriculture is responsible for higher greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation-related emissions combined. So not only are more people choosing to cut back on processed foods and meat for personal health reasons, but they are also helping cut back on our collective carbon footprint.

Consumers are also increasingly focused on where their food comes from and how it’s prepared. Gone are the days of diners being satisfied with over-processed, artificial ingredients that provide little to no nutritional value. With a shift in interest toward organic and all-natural foods, diners are changing the ways that restaurants must think about the food they offer.

While not exclusive to health food franchises, restaurants have been turning to smaller menus that require fewer ingredients and supplies. Given the supply chain disruptions and labor shortages over the past couple of years, this has become not only a cost-effective option for restaurateurs but has helped diners from becoming overwhelmed with too many options. A streamlined menu of fresh, delicious ingredients keeps overhead low and is appealing to everyone.


Paying attention to consumer demand, franchisors have not only taken healthy food but healthy fast food to a whole new level. Whether it be fast casual or QSR, a new generation of healthy food franchises has been emerging for over a decade now with no signs of slowing down on innovation or dining options.

Drive-thru burger joints and delivery pizza will always have their place, but today’s healthy fast-food menus include more global flavors, fresher ingredients, and customizable fare to entice diners.

Not only have the menus improved with healthy fast-food franchises, but so have the business models. These businesses are easier to operate, and many don’t require expensive equipment, complicated buildouts, or seven-figure investments.


From organic juices to fresh, Mediterranean fare, the different kinds of healthy fast-food franchises are seemingly endless. Entrepreneurs are learning that these types of franchises are not only rewarding to own and simpler to manage, but most have easier and less expensive startup than traditional fast-food brands.

“Functional” meals are more important in today’s restaurant world than ever, both in terms of convenience and dietary value. The more flavor and variety a healthy food franchise has to offer, the better.


While Chipotle doesn’t franchise, it has made an impact on the healthy fast casual market since its inception in 1993. With its customizable, assembly-line approach and fresh, flavorful ingredients, it has spawned numerous other brands that do offer franchise opportunities such as Qdoba Mexican Grill and California Tortilla. This style of healthy fast-food is appealing to a large customer base as it offers convenience, flavor, and healthier options than many old-school drive-thrus.


New school salad franchises are more advanced and enticing than the salad bars of yore, providing limitless options for customers seeking a healthy and nutritional meal. Franchises like Saladworks and Chicken Salad Chick have found success with this low-cost and easier-to-manage restaurant model.


Both juices and smoothie bowls have been gaining in popularity over the last couple of decades as tasty, convenient ways for people on the go to fuel their day. Appealing to both the most health-conscious diners and those who are simply seeking a midday boost, juice and smoothie franchises are big business for franchise owners. The brand Clean Juice has even enlisted NFL star, Tim Tebow, as its brand ambassador.


TMAD combines bold flavors, healthy ingredients, and an innovative concept to offer enthusiastic entrepreneurs a winning franchise opportunity. It’s delicious food that happens to be healthy, not healthy food that’s delicious. Named the #1 Fastest-Growing Big Restaurant Chain in the country by Restaurant Business magazine, TMAD is a unique franchise that specializes in Seattle-style Japanese bowls that are big on flavor and convenience. Designed to be a primarily takeaway setting, TMAD requires a smaller footprint — and therefore lower overhead — than many other franchises.

Cornering two of the hottest restaurant markets — Asian and fast casual — TMAD’s small, intuitive menu is big on taste for customers and provides an adaptive, scalable business model for franchise owners. TMAD is a healthy, delicious alternative to many other fast-food spots, attracting loyal customers and dedicated franchisees who want in on the Madness. With fresh ingredients prepared to order, including many vegetarian options, customers can anticipate a satisfying meal every time they visit.

TMAD is offering big opportunities for like-minded franchisees who have a passion for customer service, quality food, and fun. The initial franchise fee to own multiple TMAD locations is between $99,000 and $150,000, with total initial costs ranging from $346,400 to $768,760*, making the franchise’s affordability and dynamic customer draw an awesome opportunity. With an Average Unit Volume (AUV) of $1.16 million*, TMAD is proving to be a winning franchise. Our affordable investment costs, strong support team, and unique brand identity make TMAD a killer concept. Franchising since 2005, TMAD has expanded to over 110 locations and shows no signs of slowing down. TMAD is perfect for qualified candidates seeking a delicious multi-unit ownership opportunity with limitless growth potential.

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