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Fast casual food franchises are everywhere, so how do you find the right one for you and your location? Learn more about different fast casual restaurant franchises.


The best fast casual franchises embody a winning combination of casual dining and fast food that caters to the customer while providing a winning business opportunity for owners. Between the convenience and affordability of fast food and the higher quality ingredients and more welcoming atmosphere of casual dining, the fast casual food franchise industry has something for everyone.

It would appear as though the fast casual restaurant industry has grown increasingly popular with diners over the years, where fast food has decreased in popularity. In the next five years, the fast casual market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.61%. While the U.S. was once dubbed a “Fast Food Nation,” things are shifting. As the market has grown, there truly are a broader range of opportunities available for hungry diners and entrepreneurs, alike.

Fast casual isn’t only about convenience and a clever gimmick. Diners want a welcoming environment, fresh ingredients, the opportunity to try something new, and are willing to pay a bit more for a more pleasing experience. So, with everything from “Better Burgers” to make-your-own Mexican to smoothie, poke, and teriyaki bowls on the menu, how do you choose the right fast casual food franchise to invest in?


Whether they have been established for years or are new on the scene, the brand’s public awareness and interaction will go a long way with how they may connect with your investment goals. Think of fast casual food franchises that not only operate incredibly successful advertising and marketing campaigns, but also stay on top of social media opportunities and other ways of staying connected with current and potential customers.

Even with the best food, a restaurant franchise is going to have less chance of success if they aren’t embracing their brand identity and portraying it to the market. While you may choose a brand that is new or not yet a household name, a strong identity and plan for bonding with customers and building buzz and loyalty through advertising and social media shows that they have their priorities in order.


Today’s best fast casual franchises recognize the importance in maintaining a cohesive operational format between all shops or locations, but while diners may still appreciate the familiarity of foods they know and love, gone are the cookie-cutter storefronts and one-size-fits-all dining rooms that look exactly the same no matter what.

Modern franchises should create a design scheme that allows for recognizable branding and a sense of familiarity for returning customers, while also allowing room for some individuality and uniqueness at each location to keep the concept fresh. While the business and food operations should be standardized for consistency and efficiency across the map, elements of local culture and design should be included to remind diners to expect more than an old-school fast food experience.


The most successful fast casual restaurants who also enjoy longevity are those that recognize that fast casual isn’t simply fast food with the addition of a colorful dining room. Diners are both becoming more adventurous eaters and more mindful about the quality of the ingredients they are consuming. Customers want reassurances that the proteins and other ingredients in their meals are fresh, prepared to order, and as healthy as they are delicious.

The best franchisors don’t mistake quantity for quality and understand that fast casual is a world in which the two can work hand in hand to great effect for the customer’s satisfaction as well as the restaurant’s bottom line. This helps them differentiate themselves from the competition that relies on overly processed ingredients that are becoming less and less appealing to diners who are willing to pay a bit more for better quality products and more customizable meal options.


As the country’s leading fast casual Japanese franchise, Teriyaki Madness works with fresh, high-quality ingredients while still keeping reasonable price points and a high speed of service. Thanks to an intuitive menu and seamless operations model that utilizes the most efficient Asian cuisine cooking methods, it’s no wonder TMAD is a sizzling competitor in the fast casual franchise market.

Named the country’s No. 1 Fastest Growing Big Restaurant Chain by Restaurant Business, savvy investors are foregoing other old-school opportunities to partner with a brand that embodies all of the best qualities of fast casual while also tapping into the popular and growing Asian cuisine market.

To learn more about what makes TMAD the best fast casual franchise opportunity on the scene, download the Franchise Report.

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