TMAD Taking Over Texas

TMAD Taking Over Texas

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Sylvester and Shadia John are bringing Three Teriyaki Shops to Katy, Texas!

Sylvester served in the US Army for 26 years and worked as a military police officer and a civil affairs officer. Shadia worked as a branch Manager for J.P. Morgan Chase!

Both Shadia & Sylvester and understand management and have the ability to follow systems and processes. 

“TMAD is a new concept and I am excited to scale and grow the company!

They found Teriyaki Madness through a Franchise Consultant who introduced them to TMAD because: Sylvester is a veteran, they wanted multiple locations, and were planning to open in a small town!

“We believe that healthy living and eating go hand-in-hand. People are conscious of what they choose to put in their body and will gravitate towards Teriyaki Madness!” – Sylvester John

Welcome to the Madness Sylvester & Shadia!

Top 5 Benefits of a Teriyaki Madness Franchise

Top 5 Benefits of a Teriyaki Madness Franchise

According to the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), Teriyaki Madness is one of the hottest fast-casual restaurant franchises in the United States today. With 65 of TMAD’s 150+ locations sold to date are open, TMAD is still considered a top emerging brand!

Check Out The FBA’s Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Teriyaki Madness Franchise:


  1. Rapid Growth
    • Most franchisees own the rights to scale multiple shops.
    • Shop Owner profitability is TMAD’s focus.
    • Over 150 shops in development worldwide makes one of the fastest growth companies in the United States!
  2. Popularity
    • TMAD combines the three fastest-growing segments in fast-casual restaurants: Fast Casual, healthy and Asian. Time to strike while there is still availability!
  3. Training & Support
    • No restaurant experience necessary!
    • Best-in-class training is followed with continued support by personal business coaches working with you to achieve your goals.
  4.  Close Community
    • From fellow franchisees to a caring team of experienced professionals, the community is focused on providing support and coaching to each and every franchisee.
  5. Simple & Scalable Concept
    • The simple menu is intuitive for customers and employees alike.
    • This Seattle style Teriyaki restaurant franchise is a simple and profitable business for franchisees opening 1 unit or 100 units.

Teriyaki Madness FranchiseTeriyaki Madness FranchiseTeriyaki Madness Franchise


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Texas Triple Threat

Texas Triple Threat

Franchisees Bring Three Shops to Dallas, Texas!

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Femi and Maureen Taiwo are our newest franchisees and they are bringing the Madness to Dallas, Texas!

Femi’s past experience includes being a Real Estate Investor and an IT Project Manager. After researching various franchise opportunities, they stumbled upon Teriyaki Madness.

Femi said, “We were researching franchise opportunities and stumbled upon Teriyaki Madness. After looking at the level of support and trying the food, it was a no brainer…we were sold!” 

The Taiwo’s found these franchise opportunities through a franchise consultant who led them to Teriyaki Madness. Their franchise consultant loves TMAD’s menu and simple concept and is excited to visit the Taiwo’s first Teriyaki Shop!

Femi and Maureen fell in love with the Madness because of the healthy food, the meticulous process, and the high level of support that is provided to the franchisees.

We are excited to welcome Femi and Maureen to the Madness!


Teriyaki Madness Puts Its Growth on Display

Teriyaki Madness Puts Its Growth on Display

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The growth Teriyaki Madness has experienced in recent years has been undeniable. So much so that the Teriyaki Franchise decided to gather up all of our franchisees to celebrate and share best practices at the first ever Teriyaki Madness Conference. 
200 franchisees, vendor partners and corporate team members gathered in Denver, Colorado for the 3-day event where attendees came together to recognize the achievements of the past year and discuss the strategic plan for 2020.

”We saw tons of teamwork on display as franchisees shared best practices and ways to improve profitability and revenue, ultimately helping our shop owners leave the conference with lists of implementable action items to improve their local businesses.” – CEO Michael Haith


Through a series of speakers, roundtables, vendor events and more, franchisees were exposed to various learning experiences and networking opportunities which were designed to help them get the most out of their time in Denver.


Teriyaki franchise owner Aaron Weissman won the brand’s first-ever Franchisee of the Year award. Aaron, a shop owner in Great Falls, Montana, who was recognized by TMAD for following all systems and processes; and showing a willingness to cooperate and collaborate with the TMAD home office and other franchisees. Weissman also won the inaugural award for achieving the best Chatmeter score, a service that aggregates online reviews, among other things, to quantify positive store sentiment.

When discussing why his shop saw so much success in 2019, Weissman said, “We have developed a clientele of professionals that use our app to streamline their busy lunch hour and families that can get what they want out of dinner.  When it comes down to it, our food has integrity, and that resonates.”

When you’re growing as fast as Teriyaki Madness is, it’s essential to have people in place who know what they’re doing on both the corporate team and within the franchise system. If the first conference is any indication, this Teriyaki Franchise is knocking it out of the park in that regard.

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The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase

Franchisees Bring Spicy Chicken to Gonzalez, LA

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We are excited to Welcome our newest franchisees to the Madness! Father and sons Jeff, Seth and Judah Gaudin are bringing three Teriyaki Shops to Gonzalez, Louisiana!

The Gaudin’s grew 8 Subway Franchises over the past 17+ years and wanted to add a new concept to their portfolio that has great profit potential!

Jeff said, “Quality time spent working in restaurants and speaking with guests has served me well over the past 18+years. Dedication to smart and continual work will produce the results I need. “

The Gaudin’s found TMAD through a franchise consultant who loves TMAD’s concept, support, and education process.

Welcome to the Madness Jeff, Seth and Judah!

Teriyaki Madness Franchise