1st Generation Americans Pursue Teriyaki

1st Generation Americans Pursue Teriyaki

Franchisees Spread the Madness to Miramar, FL

Asian Food Franchise

Juancarlos Perez and Gabriela Ramirez are our newest Asian food franchise owners and they are bringing the Madness to Miramar, Florida.

Juancarlos’ background includes working for Stanley Black & Decker ad a VP of Commercial Excellence. Both Juancarlos and Gabriela were ready to take control of their own destiny and start their own business.

“I truly see an opportunity to grow together. This will be my way of obtaining financial independence and own my destiny, whilst I become an enabler to drive brand awareness, equity and great customer experience for the brand.” – Juancarlos Perez

The couple found TMAD through a Franchise Consultant who loves the Asian food franchise business model, infrastructure and strong financial performance.

Juancarlos hopes to successfully redirect his life from a Fortune 500 Executive to a business owner. They hope to give back to their community, and pave the way for retirement when the time comes.


Welcome to the Madness

Juancarlos & Gabriela

TMAD Embraces Change To Emphasize Franchisee Profitability

TMAD Embraces Change To Emphasize Franchisee Profitability

Fast casual teriyaki shop concept

The Fast Casual Teriyaki Shop Concept is rolling out a new menu pilot and packaging to reduce costs for its franchisees!

With the impressive growth that the fast casual teriyaki shop concept has seen in 2019, the need to support the profitability of the rising number of franchise owners entering the system was top priority. And as rising labor costs across the country continue to affect restaurants and businesses of all kinds, TMAD has made it a priority to explore all available ways to reduce prime costs system wide.
“We need to be as proactive as we can to reduce costs wherever we’re able to effectively combat these kinds of external forces that are beyond our control.” – Jodi Boyce, Executive VP of Marketing
With EVP of Logistics Joe Gordon spearheading the initiative, the fast casual Teriyaki Shop concept has begun exploring everything from new packaging to refining its recipes to uncover areas where the brand can be nimble without compromising on the quality or taste of its food in any way. This company-wide analysis spans across TMAD’s finance, analytics, operations and marketing teams, with the entire company working together toward a goal of reducing prime costs by 5-10% of sales. The brand has also been able to leverage its rapid growth to find economies of scale with production and explore establishing more all-encompassing contracts with larger vendor partners.

“Every business decision we make at Teriyaki Madness is done with our franchise partners in mind. That’s the best way to make our business grow,” said Gordon. “Reducing cost of goods sold and prime costs is a win-win for all parties – shop owners become more profitable faster and can then open their next shop sooner, which lends to the overall growth of the brand, bringing about more profit and success for all.”


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Financial Professional Makes the Move to Master His Own Business

Financial Professional Makes the Move to Master His Own Business

Franchisee Spreads the Madness to Memphis, Tennessee

Welcome to our newest franchisee who is bringing his teriyaki franchise to Memphis, Tennessee. 

Our newest franchisee’s background includes being a financial manager and has decided to venture into being an entrepreneur. 

He said, “Building a business that I can pass on to my children is part of the legacy that I would like to give them.”

He found Teriyaki Madness through a franchise consultant who said, “TMAD has one of the strongest organizations to support franchisees!”

Teriyaki Madness has seen exponential growth in recent years and has recently become an international teriyaki franchise with its opening in Mexico City, Mexico

CEO Michael Haith said, “We want to give people their shot at the American dream, whether they are immigrants or first-time business owners or are looking to become part of their community. If a franchisee is willing to work hard and they’re approachable and they match our culture, we think we can make them successful.”


Join the Madness!

Teriyaki Madness in Mexico City is Now Open!

Teriyaki Madness in Mexico City is Now Open!

We’ve Gone Global!

Franchise Opportunity

Teriyaki Madness is officially open in Mexico City, Mexico!

Franchisees Patricio, Enrique and Guillermo opened TMAD’s first international franchise opportunity on September 18th and have plans to spread the Madness all throughout Mexico.

“Since we have few supply chain restraints and can deliver great quality food anywhere, we focus on partners more than timing and geography when considering growth. When Patricio and Guillermo approached us with interest to open a franchise in Mexico, we looked to their experience and success in the market and immediately recognized their potential as Teriyaki Madness partners. With their expertise and the growing demand for Asian cuisine, as consumers in Mexico begin to focus on healthier foods and new flavors, we know that Teriyaki Madness will be a success in Mexico.” – CEO Michael Haith

TMAD is a highly competitive franchise opportunity that is more than capable of world domination thanks to the impressive team and processes TMAD has established in recent years.

We really are more than a bunch of ridiculously good looking people….

We really are more than a bunch of ridiculously good looking people….

Executive Vice President of Marketing wins Denver Business Journal C-Suite Award

Denver Business Journal

TMAD’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Jodi Boyce, was announced as a winner of the 2019 Denver Business Journal C-Suite Award!

Jodi’s role at TMAD includes overseeing the Marketing Team and touching anything related to the brand. This includes brand voice, personality, supporting programs and all national branding efforts.

According to DBJ, “Nominees were judged on individual and organizational accomplishments, community involvement, contributions to management and innovation within their fields…”

Jodi was celebrated among other C-Suite Executives at the award ceremony last week!


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