35 Shops Awarded to Seasoned Multi-Unit Restaurant Operator

Why TMAD? Panhandle Restaurant Group (PRG) co-owner Chris McMillan answered, “looks like a homerun.” Well Chris, you can say that 34 more times! Watch out Florida and Northwest Arkansas, Chris McMillan is opening 35 Teriyaki Madness Shops in your markets!

Chris and his wife Amy built an empire owning and operating multiple brands including Sonic Drive-In, RibCrib Big Chicken, PJ’s Coffee and decided to go all in with Teriyaki Madness because “it fits our company and growth plan and allows us to diversify and expand our portfolio.” Talk about Huge Bowls!

The family-owned PRG was established 23 years ago and continues to grow. With multiple restaurant brands under their ownership, we are ecstatic Teriyaki is their newest addition!

“It’s been simply wonderful to finally own and operate Restaurant brands that I love. It’s something I’ve worked my whole life for and now that I have it, I want to grow and expand as much as I possibly can.”

– Chris McMillan, Owner

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The people have spoken, and they want Teriyaki. Asian and Fast Casual are the two fastest growing segments in the restaurant industry. Join the Japanese franchise revolution and give people what they want: HUGE BOWLS OF AWESOMENESS!


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