Former Corporate Exec Makes Fearless Change to Open a Teriyaki Madness Franchise

Former Corporate Exec Makes Fearless Change to Open a Teriyaki Madness Franchise

While National Chicken Month and our #DontBeAChicken campaign comes to a close, the Teriyaki Madness franchise system is full of franchise owners who continue to exemplify our big and bold brand. It takes a certain kind of courage to leave a successful business career and open a restaurant. A bold move, to say the least. That’s exactly what Teriyaki Madness Ken Fay did earlier this year … with no regrets.

In June, 2017, after 25 successful years as a manufacturing executive for companies in Malaysia, China and Japan, Fey made a fearless choice to change careers to pursue entrepreneurship by opening a Teriyaki Madness in the heart of downtown Charlotte, NC.

I had enough of the overseas business trips and constant travel,” Fay said. “While it was fulfilling to an extent, I always had that entrepreneurial spirit that I wanted to greatly pursue. The other tremendous aspect about the Teriyaki Madness opportunity is that it gives me a chance to run the business with members of my family.”

Fay’s daughter, Caitlin, manages the Teriyaki Madness location at 1100 Metropolitan Avenue and his son, Matthew, supports daily operations, an arrangement Fay appreciates and sees as a drastic improvement from his previous career.

Fay’s downtown location is the second to open in Charlotte in the last nine months and it celebrated its grand opening on June 12, where he gave away free teriyaki bowls to local “T-MAD- loving” customers.

“Opening the franchise was a big step to take, but I believe wholeheartedly that it’s offered me a chance to be the entrepreneur I’ve always wanted to be,” Fay said.

Ken’s fearless decision to start a franchise not only allowed him to pursue his passion but also share it with his family. One big and bold decision to change his career-path is so far a success story. His one piece of advice? #DontBeAChicken

Franchise Owner Qing Hammel Interviewed by Inc. Magazine

Franchise Owner Qing Hammel Interviewed by Inc. Magazine

TMAD’s very own Qing Hammel discusses overcoming your fears discusses with TMAD Franchise Owner Qing Hammel the idea of fear in the entrepreneurial world, the best ways to face fear, and how to overcome it to find real success.

Deciding to become a Franchise Owner is often an intimidating prospect for many entrepreneurs, but as Qing admits you’re more than likely to hear that inner voice trying to make a positive change and make that leap.

Some things Qing kept wondering:

  • “Your career encounters a bottleneck and does not give you the desired opportunity to grow.
  • You do not feel challenged anymore in your current role.
  • Your procrastination results in the loss of opportunities, and you repeatedly tell yourself and others, “This is what I could/should have done.”

However the challenge to overcome these thoughts is tough, but Qing points to a Japanese proverb that has helped her in overcoming her fears,

“Fear is only a feeling of yours. You are the master of it. Take small but solid steps to face it, question it and, eventually, overcome it. Focus on your goal and go toward it. Something invaluable will be waiting for you along the journey–knowledge, skills, experience, wisdom, compassion, courage and confidence. It is a rewarding journey, and you will have fun.”

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