TMAD Brings Beloved Seattle-Style Takeout to North Texas

TMAD Brings Beloved Seattle-Style Takeout to North Texas

There are families moving to North Texas every day, and if they come from the West Coast, a common complaint among them is the lack in the Metroplex of good West Coast style Asian takeout. Growing up in a region where an Americanized Chinese “Deli” is a mainstay in virtually any grocery store, not to mention a horde of standalone outlets, it’s easy to take for granted, and only missed when it’s no longer available.

Left Coasters, in particular fans of Seattle’s home-grown style of teriyaki, now have reason to rejoice. Teriyaki Madness has three locations in North Texas, and this one-time Seattleite finds they have done the genre more than proud. Now, Seattleites have been familiar with their local-grown style of teriyaki for decades, but the style was given the ultimate underscore in a 2010 New York Times article, which likened Seattle Teriyaki to other iconic regional foods like the New York pizza or the Chicago hot dog. And to tell a Seattle expat that the Emerald City’s beloved takeout tradition is now available in North Texas inspires a double-take and a clutch for the car keys. Get thee to Frisco, go!

But what of the food, they cry. Is it legit? Does it come in a styrofoam container? Can I have noodles instead of rice? Is there beef and crab rangoon, too? Yes to all. A recent Saturday evening visit found a clean storefront with enthusiastic staff and a steady stream of takeout customers. And the food? Well, it doesn’t require the palate of a Michelin reviewer to know that the food is good (addictive, really), it just takes an appreciation of a specific regional specialty (it’s true to the original style). There are also some pretty solid appetizers in the grand Americanized Asian takeout tradition, and the spicy (sriracha) chicken teriyaki and teriyaki beef (which is marinated for several hours) are similarly as habit-forming. Unlike other stores, the Frisco location sells beer and wine, but the real draw here is the teriyaki.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re in Texas.

Teriyaki Madness was kind enough to spring for some samples in preparation for this article, but we’re going back again soon. Seriously, take our money. Take it all.

The Downfall of the Fast Food Empire

The Downfall of the Fast Food Empire

Fast food was once seen as a quick, delicious, guilty pleasure for those of us who wanted a quick meal on the go. Now, the once popular trend of greasy fast food is heading for its downfall.  These days, people are taking on a healthy mind-set, saying that quality food trumps low priced, low-quality dining.

Previously, those golden deep fried french fries from your favorite fast food restaurant may have been your number one pick, but nowadays, people want to feel that they are eating healthy. 2015 marks a record high number of health-conscious consumers and more people are concerned with healthy meals rather than happy meals.

Fast food has come a long way from when it started, and not for the better. Fast, convenient, semi healthy fast food is no more. These days a simple burger is put through a process and cranked out on a conveyer belt. What was once a guilty pleasure meal, is now stomach churning regret. Not only do consumers know that the products from fast food chains contain unknown, mysterious ingredients, but the food no longer tastes how it used to either.

As one empire declines, another rises. Fast casual restaurants have been heading uphill for some time now and seem to be of popular demand. Not only do fast casual restaurants tend to have healthier, fresher choices, they also have tastier, more appetizing options. These restaurants are also usually set up so that consumers can see how their food is being made, and everything is made-to-order.  Fast food restaurants tend to have everything shipped in frozen, and customers are unable to see how their food is being prepared.

It’s no surprise that fast food restaurants have a lot of work to do if they want to be included in today’s health-conscious competition.  Large chains are going to have to do a lot more than add apples to the menu if they want to keep up with what fast-casual restaurants have to offer. Through the pressure of rising healthy food, fast food restaurants either need to step up their game, or accept their fate of a declining empire.

Read Business Insider’s “Fast Food Is On The Decline In America”

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities – The Benefits of Franchising

Many people have the desire to manage their own business and be their own boss at least once in their life. Starting a business from scratch can be an unknown world, and can often diminish people’s dreams of owning a business, this is why many people invest in a franchise.

There are a multitude of benefits when it comes to starting a franchise. When investing in restaurant franchise opportunities, you are able to be your own boss, and are still able to jump into the entrepreneurial side of the business world without as much of a risk.

A Proven System

A major benefit of diving into restaurant franchise opportunities, is that franchisors have already established a proven system. Franchise companies have developed a method of business that is proven to work, and produces successful outcomes. Looking into restaurant franchise opportunities, franchises always provide a mass amount of information of how the franchise works so that you have every piece of information to aid in making your final decision. With restaurant franchise opportunities, there is a higher likelihood of success. Because of the established system already in place, your business will have the opportunity to flourish and grow quickly.

To Be a Part of the Brand

Customers are more likely to spend money in a business that they know and trust. With restaurant franchise opportunities, customers already know about you because of previous branding, which will in turn allow your business to grow faster. Restaurant franchise opportunities also have the ability to grow with the company as the brand grows. New restaurant franchise opportunities, such as Teriyaki Madness, gives franchisees the ability to start fresh with a new and upcoming company. When the overall brand grows, franchisees have the opportunity to be a part of a bigger process. They are able to be grow with the brand, and be defined as part of the brand itself. As the brand grows, customers will be more attracted to your location.

Continuous Support

With restaurant franchise opportunities, you constantly have a full team supporting you throughout the franchising process, every step of the way. A benefit of franchising is that you are not alone when starting your business. If during the process, you run into a rough spot, there is always a group of experienced people to call on, and receive help. Restaurant franchise opportunities also give the chance to share beneficial company growth information with the rest of the company, whereas when starting a business from scratch, it doesn’t always give you the opportunity to share your learned information.

Along with continuous support, restaurant franchise opportunities also give you a sense of community. You have other people to call and share your learnings, and you have a team to help you through processes of franchising. You are truly never alone during a franchising process. Restaurant franchise opportunities gives full training to each franchisee so that they know exactly what they are doing when their business takes off. This ensures that you are running your business efficiently and will help eliminate any mistakes a new business might face.

Lowered Risk

A major reason to invest in restaurant franchise opportunities is that the risk of starting your own business is lowered profusely. Of course, as with starting any business, risk is involved, however with a franchise there is a less of a possibility for business threats. Because of the support and community behind you at all times, the chance to fail at the business is generously lowered. There is already a proven set of numbers with restaurant franchise opportunities. The business has been done by franchisees before you, and have proven that they work. There will be no fear that you are starting a business that won’t work. Of course hard work and effort is still required when investing in restaurant franchise opportunities, but you are guaranteed that that hard work will pay off with a franchise.


Investing in restaurant franchising opportunities also allows for a step by step process to get your business up and running. There is a team of real estate and construction developers who ensure that your perfect location is built and construction goes smoothly. There is an accounting expert, keeping track of your expenses and estimates throughout building your store. A marketing team is behind you the whole way making sure the branding, PR, and marketing relations are taken care of for you. Along with the rest of the team, there are franchising professionals who know everything there is to know about franchising. With restaurant franchise opportunities, the decisions are up to you, you just have a successful proven team behind you the entire way.

An independent business allows for challenges and obstacles that you will not need to face with a restaurant franchise opportunity. Teriyaki Madness is a new and emerging brand, franchisees will have the chance to grow as the brand grows. There is already a completely mapped out system for all new business owners, and there is guaranteed success.

When looking for restaurant franchise opportunities, look for a company that has an established brand, a full support system, an entire team to support you, and extra information regarding the background of the franchise. When inquiring about a franchise, ensure that each of the previously mentioned criteria are met, and there is a proven success rate from other franchisees.