Teriyaki Madness comes to Cordelia

Need a tasty, quick meal in the Cordelia area featuring homemade sauces and fresh goods?

Teriyaki Madness may be for you! This Colorado-based franchise is now making it’s way to Cordelia, California!

Featuring lean meats cut in-house, fresh vegetables, white and brown rice (and fried rice) as well as noodles and tofu, there’s something for everything.

Food here is customizable — pick a bowl or a plate, a foundation (white, fried or brown rice; vegetables; or noodles), a protein (chicken, beef or tofu) and veggies already come with the meal. Plates come with a choice of veggies, green salad or macaroni salad.

There’s appetizers including chicken potstickers and eggrolls, edamame and rangoons.

And don’t forget the sauces — there’s nine kinds, all made in-house.

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