Franchisee Defines the Teriyaki Madness “Big & Bold” Theme

Franchisee Defines the Teriyaki Madness “Big & Bold” Theme

Continuing with this month’s “big and bold” theme for our #DontBeAChicken campaign, Cape Coral Teriyaki Madness franchisee Frank Giuliano sets a prime example. A former firefighter, Giuliano opted out of traditional retirement to rekindle a flame that always burned inside of him – entrepreneurship.

Giuliano, a 28-year resident of Cape Coral, Florida, fought the area’s fires for 26 years and served as the deputy battalion chief for the Bonita Springs Fire District. But he always felt the entrepreneurial spirit he was born with and had put to work in his mid-20s as the owner of a hot dog joint in Chicago.

When it came time for Giuliano to retire from a long career of firefighting, rather than sit back and put his life in cruise control, he decided to open his own restaurant. In May 2017, Giuliano opened the doors to his own Teriyaki Madness franchise, treating his community to the big, bold bowls of all-natural meats and fresh-cut vegetables that make mouths water all over the United States.

“I’ve always had the passion for business ownership,” he said. “When I found the Teriyaki Madness
opportunity, I knew it was the right fit for me. Aside from having amazing food that’s different from
what’s out there, they offer a proven operating system. When I was a kid owning my hot dog shop, I had
no idea what I was doing. Teriyaki Madness gave me the opportunity to run a quality fast-casual
restaurant with a tremendous amount of training and support.”

But Giuliano didn’t stop there. He wanted to be even more big and bold by giving back to Cape Coral. Giuliano partnered with Guardian Angels of Special Populations for his grand opening and plans to continue the relationship. Giuliano, whose niece and nephew have Down syndrome, donated $1 from the purchase of each Teriyaki Madness bowl to benefit the group. The charity, which operates out of the Freida B. Smith Special Populations Center in Cape Coral, organizes activities and events, as well as raises
funds and awareness for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

A prime example of being bold and courageous, Giuliano shows how everyday can be a new and exciting challenge – even in “retirement.”

T-Mad Franchisee is No Chicken about Big & Bold Steps

T-Mad Franchisee is No Chicken about Big & Bold Steps

Our September #DontBeAChicken campaign celebrates the idea of having courage, taking steps that are as big and bold as the food we offer on our menu. While she might be petite in frame, there’s no better example of big and bold than Qing Hammell, a native of China who made a drastic career change to pursue her love of food and business to open her very own Teriyaki Madness franchise.

Hammell came to the United States 20 years ago to pursue an MBA at Claremont Graduate University in California. From there, she continued as an actuary that led her to Bermuda and then Minneapolis, before realizing her true business passions were ignited by entrepreneurship. Fearless, Hammell took a leap of faith and invested in Teriyaki Madness to open up her first shop just south of Denver in the summer of 2016. Now, she has plans to open additional locations in the area.

“There are skills you can carry over from the financial industry to entrepreneurship, like management,
operations and also financial knowledge,” Hammell said. “But nothing will truly ever prepare you for
running your own business until you dive into the deep end and start doing it yourself. It’s much more
work than you will ever imagine.”

When she worked in an office, Hammell was always on the lookout for a variety of lunch options,
especially healthy ones. This drew her to the restaurant industry – she wanted to do something

“I always had an entrepreneurial drive, but I didn’t quite know where to go with it,” she said. “When I
found Teriyaki Madness, it was so attractive because of its food and support. The all-natural meats and
vegetables are incredible, and the backing of the Teriyaki Madness corporate team sold me on the

Hammell says part of her drive to open her own restaurant came from the idea of giving back to those
who helped her along her journey.

“I came here with nothing and I had so many people helping me,” Hammell said. “Now I feel that it’s my
turn to return the favor and pay it forward. I was nervous when I left China, but the move and dramatic
change has made grow in so many ways. The experience of surviving and being successful in my job has
taught me persistence and the importance of optimism. You are going to encounter difficulties, you will
fall, you will cry, but you learn from your mistakes and continue to move forward. I can’t wait to see
where my teriyaki shops take me.”

Take it from an amazing franchisee, Qing Hammell: Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. The next great entrepreneurial success story could be you. #DontBeAChicken.

TMAD says: Don’t Be A Chicken

TMAD says: Don’t Be A Chicken

Teriyaki Madness challenge to customers: #DontBeAChicken

September is National Chicken Month, and Teriyaki Madness is not light on the celebration. With the Teriyaki Madness’s product and company culture along with their values projecting boldness, Teriyaki Madness challenges everyone in their new marketing campaign to embrace their adventurous side with #DontBeAChicken.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage consumers along with everyone to share their inner spirit, take life by the horns, and #DontBeAChicken. This could mean doing something that you never thought you could do before. For example, taking on a new career or accomplishing life-long dreams. It could also be something smaller like getting to know your co-workers better or trying a new activity. Whatever it is, TMAD wants everyone to embellish in their personality. Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness, states:

“Boldness is inherent in the Teriyaki Madness culture, so the #DontBeAChicken campaign is our way of emboldening existing and future brand fans. If you’ve been afraid of something recently or your whole life, do something about it and tell us, because we’re on your side. We’ll give you plenty of food and prizes as a reward for your boldness.”

That’s right, food and prizes are rewarded for not being a chicken. Take a picture of your boldness, caption it #Don’tBeAChicken when posting it on social media and you could be greatly thanked for sharing the boldness. Follow Teriyaki Madness on their social media accounts for ways to step out of the comfort zone. TMAD will also be announcing special deals and offers throughout the month on their Facebook page and Instagram account.  Be on high alert!

To learn more, click HERE, or to find more details visit one of our 50+ Teriyaki Madness locations.

Remember, #DontBeAChicken!

The Fastest Growing Companies in America

The Fastest Growing Companies in America

TMAD is the Top 5000 by INC.

Another record is broken! Recently published in the Top 5000 by INC., a rank of the fastest growing private companies in America for 2017, has named Teriyaki Madness a contender in the ranking. Teriyaki Madness in the top half of the 5000 companies, of all industries, but looks to continue their growth.

For the past year, Teriyaki Madness’ growth rate has been at 171.37%, while their revenue for the year has been over $3.1 million. This is a large improvement from the previous years. They could not be more proud; Congrats TMAD!

To see the publishing, click HERE.

Teriyaki Madness Supports Veterans

Teriyaki Madness Supports Veterans

Veterans as Franchisees

Teriyaki Madness’ very own Russ McCray, franchise owner, explains how being a veteran can make a great franchisee. McCray has found success with Teriyaki Madness after serving in the Air Force for 6 years of active duty and 4 years on reserve. He states:

“One of the greatest things that the military teaches soldiers, especially those in leadership positions, are applicative concepts like flexibility, attention to detail,  situational awareness, risk mitigation, and different types of leadership styles for different types of situations.”

With this go-to attitude, McCray sees the same values as Teriyaki Madness holds. They want franchisees to be bold, take risks, become a positive leader and share their leadership qualities with others. McCray offers other words of advice:

  • do your due diligence
  • research thoughtfully for organizations that benefit veterans
  • find support when needed
  • persevere for success

To learn the full story in the Franchising World, July edition, click HERE.


The Secret Behind the Success

The Secret Behind the Success

CEO, Michael Haith, Discusses Plans For Growth

With Teriyaki Madness is taking leaps and bounds into the ever-growing franchise industry. In a recent article by Modern Restaurant Management News, CEO Michael Haith discusses what makes TMAD a powerful force.

The success of a company is not determined by one person, but rather by a collective effort of exceptional people, systems and processes both at the local shop level and at our home office.” – Michael Haith

Arrangements have been made for over 150 teriyaki shops to open, meanwhile, an ambitious goal for 500 locations to open worldwide within 7 years has been made by Teriyaki Madness.  Good Luck, TMAD!

There is no doubt that the Teriyaki Madness will have any troubles reaching their goal. The madness has already proved its success. Here is what Haith has to say:

Our mindset is to serve big bowls of incredible, bold, flavorful food in communities all over the country, and the shop sales numbers certainly speak for themselves.

Click HERE to see the full interview.