Teriyaki Madness comes in Camillus, New York.

Camillus, New York, is a small town West of Syracuse with about 25,000 residence. This Teriyaki Madness location, called Township 5 is apart of an open-air shopping center development that also includes: housing, apartments, retail, entertainment, other restaurants and more in a pedestrian-friendly environment.

Singh and his wife, Malkiat Kaur, are the husband and wife duo, with Gurdeep overseeing store operations and Malkiat focusing solely on kitchen and food operation.

Singh brings nearly two decades worth of experience in the fast casual industry to the table, previously running restaurants in the Albany and Syracuse area. After working in corporate jobs the last few years, he decided to get back into the restaurant industry with TMAD.


Here’s what Gurdeep had to say about his new venture:

“This is my first Teriyaki Madness restaurant in state of New York. My wife Malkiat Kaur and I are very excited to open our store in Camillus NY. Township 5 is very busy shopping center in this community. I have a dedicated and hard working team which is the back bone of any business. We are  going to spread the madness around. ” We have Madness it’s multiplying”
For more information about Teriyaki Madness franchising opportunities, please follow this link.